A bit of green at Daytona

I was pleased to read this week that the contractors replacing the driving surface at Daytona International Speedway are using a mobile asphalt plant at the speedway to mix 50,000 tons of asphalt it will need for this project.  I would be more pleased if they were recycling the asphalt from the old surface, but at least this is eliminating the emissions from the trucks transporting the asphalt needed for four-layers of paving they are applying to the 2.5 mile speedway track.

For more information, read about this in the Dayton Beach News-Journal.


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Recycled stadium

The Vancouver BC Lions, members of the Candian Football League, are moving into a new stadium for the upcoming season.  But they won’t have a chance to really settle in because the stadium will be taken down when the season is over and renovations on their permanent stadium are complete.

The temporary stadium, constructed from 15,000 parts shipped from Switzerland in 70 containers, will be dismantled and shipped back to Europe to be reused as another temporary sports facility.  I think it is really interesting that the stadium will be deconstructed and can be reused, but I wonder whether that truly offsets the environmental impact of shipping the materials from and back to Switzerland.

Read more at: http://enr.ecnext.com/coms2/article_bubt100616TemporarySta

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Navy = Green

One popular book that addresses climate change is Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman.  I recently came across a review of this book which incorporated information about changes the Navy is making to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.  I was very impressed to learn that the Navy has a hybrid amphibious assault ship which uses an electric drive for speeds of less than 10 knots.  I was also pleased to know that the Navy is using biofuels as well.  I appreciate that military is reducing its use of fossil fuels as well as hopefully saving money in the process.

Thanks to the US service men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom!

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Roofing a road?

I’m so proud to say that a local group, Roofs to Roads Colorado, is recycling asphalt roof shingles into asphalt roadways.  From the Boulder Daily Camera:

Roofs to Roads says 240,000 tons of asphalt shingles are sent to landfills every year from re-roofing and demolition projects in Colorado, and 12 million tons nationally. 

In addition to saving these shingles from a landfill and reducing the need for additional petroleum production to produce more asphalt shingles, using recycled shingles also reduces the product cost to the paving contractor and that savings is passed on to the taxpayer.   

Learn more about recycling asphalt shingles at a Roofs to Roads training on Tuesday, June 30.

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Very innovative recycled bags

A lingerie store in Denver has used a form of recycling that I had never imagined – turning old banners and billboards into reusable shopping bags.  These are a very fun alternative to your usual humdrum canvas shopping bags.  Learn more here.

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Recycle beauty

Ever wonder how to recycle used beauty products?  Want to find more green beauty products?  The June issue of O Magazine mentions a promotion called Look Gorgeous, Love Green by EcoTools; simply mail your used beauty products to EcoTools and, not only will they recycle the containers or beauty applicators, but EcoTools will also send you a coupon to try one of their products in exchange.  What a win-win opportunity!

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Green gifts for a new grad

Are you buying graduation gifts this month?  I typically buy an advice book or a gift card and began to wonder what I could choose that might be more environmentally friendly.  A few ideas I came up with:

  • Green business cards.  Many students graduating into this economy may spend a significant amount of time searching for their first job.  Having environmentally-responsible cards with their contact information for networking events would be greatly appreciated and more responsible than the free business cards they will otherwise order online.
  • You could also pay web-hosting fees for their electronic resume and/or blog.  If they put the link on their new business cards, perhaps they could get away without printing as many resumes, saving paper and ink.
  • Many of the recycled bags I see online don’t seem professional enough to give to a graduate or are too expensive to be practical for a gift.  I was pleased to this product which recycles scraps of leather into a beautiful and professional bag that is also affordable.

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