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New Water Sanitation Technology

Congratulations to Rebecca Ye, a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, for winning the Maine & US competitions for the 2010 Stockholm Junior Water Prize with her inexpensive method to quickly detect E. coli in water.  Unfortunately over 800 million people worldwide currently lack access to safe drinking water, so any improvement in water sanitation technology could make a difference to millions.


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Green Stay at Rancho Bernardo Inn

I enjoyed staying at the Rancho Bernardo Inn outside San Diego this summer.  I didn’t perceive any extreme conservation measures during my visit there, so I was surprised when I found this document on their website. I would enjoy seeing similar statistics from comparable resorts, but I was especially pleased to see that Rancho Bernardo conserved in these ways:

  • Reclaiming water and using it as “grey water” to water their golf course, especially given their location & climate
  • Have a recycling program that includes the following: cardboard, cans, glass, plant trimmings, toner cartridges, & CRT monitors / TV with LCD monitors
  • Collect used cooking oil & donate it for conversion into bio-diesel

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Raw Sewage Dumped in Wheat Ridge

It seems that residents in Wheat Ridge dodged a water quality bullet when an RV owner dumped his raw sewage into a storm sewer inlet that ran into the detention pond at Wheat Ridge High School, rather than one that ran directly into a creek or other water source.  The school district is have to do major clean up work as a result, but water quality for area resident has not been affected.  I hope that the man who dumped his sewage is caught as a result of the media attention.

Twice in the past few weeks I have seen a Denver Public Works vactor truck (used to vacuum out and clean sewer systems) parked next to a storm sewer inlet.  Each time I have been tempted to call and check that these operators are taking water out of the storm sewer and not dumping sewage into the storm sewer, but this reminds that I should be sure to call if I see this again.

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