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Traveling on Earth Day – Save an Acre with United Airlines!

If you’re traveling on United Airlines this Friday, use their mobile boarding pass technology & they will donate $1 to Protect an Acre with our global nonprofit partner Conservation International. United Airlines will donate up to $50,000 for customers of both United & Continental Airlines.

Conservation International has saved 143 million acres of rainforest over the last 3 years. Please save trees and use a mobile boarding pass every time you travel, but especially on Friday!


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Green Stay at Rancho Bernardo Inn

I enjoyed staying at the Rancho Bernardo Inn outside San Diego this summer.  I didn’t perceive any extreme conservation measures during my visit there, so I was surprised when I found this document on their website. I would enjoy seeing similar statistics from comparable resorts, but I was especially pleased to see that Rancho Bernardo conserved in these ways:

  • Reclaiming water and using it as “grey water” to water their golf course, especially given their location & climate
  • Have a recycling program that includes the following: cardboard, cans, glass, plant trimmings, toner cartridges, & CRT monitors / TV with LCD monitors
  • Collect used cooking oil & donate it for conversion into bio-diesel

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From poolside

This week I’m lying by the pool in a sunnier climate.  As I work hard to shield my body from the sun’s intense radiation, I wish I had a way to harness that energy to my benefit.  Too bad I don’t have a beach bag that will use the sun’s energy to charge my favorite devices, like this one

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Notes from the road

I travelled to Chicago this weekend and was surprised when I stopped in the restroom at Midway Airport because they did not have any air hand dryers.  I was surprised not to have this alternative, which seems, at least on the surface, to be the better environmental choice.  I decided to do a bit of research and see if the airport administrators knew something that I didn’t. 

I came across this column from 2007 which focuses primarily on whether there is less energy usage by hand dryers versus the production and transport of paper towels.  I was pleased to see that there was, but my major curiousity – the amount of waste that paper towels produce – was also addressed:

A World Dryer study of 102 hand dryers installed in public schools in Topeka, Kansas, claimed an annual savings of 34.5 tons of solid waste, 690,000 gallons of water, and 587 trees; another World Dryer study of 153 hand dryers in the Iowa state capitol showed an annual savings of 10.5 tons of solid waste and 176 trees.

So, the next time you’re travelling to Chicago, stop and ask our friends at Midway to add hand dryers to their bathrooms.  And I haven’t started to research why they didn’t have auto-sensing water faucets…

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