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Solar Building for 9 – 14-year-olds

I am looking forward to visiting my alma mater next month and am always proud to read about green programs they are doing.  This article caught my eye because I think it is unusual that fourth through ninth grade students get the opportunity to design a solar house.  I am especially impressed because the curriculum goes far beyond students slapping solar panels onto a picture of a house they have drawn – these students learn about considerations that most adults wouldn’t think of, including energy production, energy balance, as well as the architecture of their design.  I may have been an engineering major, but this is one architecture program that I can wholeheartedly approve of.   In fact, I wish I was young enough to participate!


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A bit of green at Daytona

I was pleased to read this week that the contractors replacing the driving surface at Daytona International Speedway are using a mobile asphalt plant at the speedway to mix 50,000 tons of asphalt it will need for this project.  I would be more pleased if they were recycling the asphalt from the old surface, but at least this is eliminating the emissions from the trucks transporting the asphalt needed for four-layers of paving they are applying to the 2.5 mile speedway track.

For more information, read about this in the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

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Recycled stadium

The Vancouver BC Lions, members of the Candian Football League, are moving into a new stadium for the upcoming season.  But they won’t have a chance to really settle in because the stadium will be taken down when the season is over and renovations on their permanent stadium are complete.

The temporary stadium, constructed from 15,000 parts shipped from Switzerland in 70 containers, will be dismantled and shipped back to Europe to be reused as another temporary sports facility.  I think it is really interesting that the stadium will be deconstructed and can be reused, but I wonder whether that truly offsets the environmental impact of shipping the materials from and back to Switzerland.

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Sears Tower Becoming A Green Tower

As you know, I love Chicago, so thanks to for detailing plans to retrofit the Sears Tower to be more green:

  • Aiming for LEED platinum status – as a LEED A.P. I can appreciate how difficult this will be!
  • If all goes as planned, retrofit will result in a 38% energy reduction by 2012, saving 4.4 million dollars a year.
  • Some improvements include: Wind turbines on the tower’s rooftops – perfect for the windy city; replacement and glazing of the 16,000 single-pane windows; upgrades to restroom fixtures and water management systems, to conserve 24 million gallons of water; and installation of auto-dimming lighting that is based on the available natural light.

I hope they find sources for the funding they need – I’m sure Chicago could also benefit from the 4,000 jobs this is projected to create!

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