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New CD packaging?

I bought a copy of Trace Atkins’ new CD Cowboy’s Back in Town this week.  I was surprised when I opened the package and discovered that the CD did not come in a traditional plastic CD jewel case.  Instead it is a heavy cardstock cover wrapped around a plastic insert that holds the CD.  I hope that more record companies choose packaging like this that reduces the weight and amount of materials surrounding their CD as well as slightly reducing the fuel needed to deliver it.


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A bit of green at Daytona

I was pleased to read this week that the contractors replacing the driving surface at Daytona International Speedway are using a mobile asphalt plant at the speedway to mix 50,000 tons of asphalt it will need for this project.  I would be more pleased if they were recycling the asphalt from the old surface, but at least this is eliminating the emissions from the trucks transporting the asphalt needed for four-layers of paving they are applying to the 2.5 mile speedway track.

For more information, read about this in the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

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