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Roofing a road?

I’m so proud to say that a local group, Roofs to Roads Colorado, is recycling asphalt roof shingles into asphalt roadways.  From the Boulder Daily Camera:

Roofs to Roads says 240,000 tons of asphalt shingles are sent to landfills every year from re-roofing and demolition projects in Colorado, and 12 million tons nationally. 

In addition to saving these shingles from a landfill and reducing the need for additional petroleum production to produce more asphalt shingles, using recycled shingles also reduces the product cost to the paving contractor and that savings is passed on to the taxpayer.   

Learn more about recycling asphalt shingles at a Roofs to Roads training on Tuesday, June 30.


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Very innovative recycled bags

A lingerie store in Denver has used a form of recycling that I had never imagined – turning old banners and billboards into reusable shopping bags.  These are a very fun alternative to your usual humdrum canvas shopping bags.  Learn more here.

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Recycle beauty

Ever wonder how to recycle used beauty products?  Want to find more green beauty products?  The June issue of O Magazine mentions a promotion called Look Gorgeous, Love Green by EcoTools; simply mail your used beauty products to EcoTools and, not only will they recycle the containers or beauty applicators, but EcoTools will also send you a coupon to try one of their products in exchange.  What a win-win opportunity!

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