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Avoid The Dreaded Zucchini Bread

Colorado has had a more rainy and overcast summer so far than what we have become accustomed to over the past few years.  Because of this most of the plants in the garden outside my window are just now starting to produce tasty vegetables.  I expect that I should have to wait for the zucchini and then I will be overwhelmed with them.  This year instead I’m going find a way to enjoy my zucchini plants now, before they produce squash, while simultaneously reducing their yield: eat the squash blossoms!

Not only are you reducing the amount of zucchini you will need to foist off on your neighbors, but you are getting a delicacy that you would pay big bucks for at a restaurant or even your local farmers’ market.  Here is a recipe for their most common method of preparation: fried squash blossoms.  Bon appetit!


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Girl Scout Gets Gold For Recycling

Here is a story of a Girl Scout who organized and ran a year-long recycling project at her high school.  In the fall, after she graduates, the Board of Health will be donating permanent bins for the school to use as they continue the bottle and can recycling project that DuComb started.  

Like this project, it is another example of Girl Scouts doing a service project where the benefits to the environment will outlast her membership in the community.

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Got Fruit?

This time of year gardeners may be overwhelmed with the fruits of their labor.  Ever since I read that it was possible to grow blueberries in Colorado, I’ve had fruit plants on my mind too. 

Normally when the garden yields too many fruits, I think of making jam or pies with the berries.  I might just plan to freeze the remainder whole – saving them for the winter, when prices for berries at the grocery store are sky high!  But I had a brainstorm this week – why not use them to make a green summer cocktail?  Either muddle your berries or cook them into a sweet syrup, then add your favorite liquor and you are ready to enjoy the weekend!

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Raw Sewage Dumped in Wheat Ridge

It seems that residents in Wheat Ridge dodged a water quality bullet when an RV owner dumped his raw sewage into a storm sewer inlet that ran into the detention pond at Wheat Ridge High School, rather than one that ran directly into a creek or other water source.  The school district is have to do major clean up work as a result, but water quality for area resident has not been affected.  I hope that the man who dumped his sewage is caught as a result of the media attention.

Twice in the past few weeks I have seen a Denver Public Works vactor truck (used to vacuum out and clean sewer systems) parked next to a storm sewer inlet.  Each time I have been tempted to call and check that these operators are taking water out of the storm sewer and not dumping sewage into the storm sewer, but this reminds that I should be sure to call if I see this again.

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Sears Tower Becoming A Green Tower

As you know, I love Chicago, so thanks to for detailing plans to retrofit the Sears Tower to be more green:

  • Aiming for LEED platinum status – as a LEED A.P. I can appreciate how difficult this will be!
  • If all goes as planned, retrofit will result in a 38% energy reduction by 2012, saving 4.4 million dollars a year.
  • Some improvements include: Wind turbines on the tower’s rooftops – perfect for the windy city; replacement and glazing of the 16,000 single-pane windows; upgrades to restroom fixtures and water management systems, to conserve 24 million gallons of water; and installation of auto-dimming lighting that is based on the available natural light.

I hope they find sources for the funding they need – I’m sure Chicago could also benefit from the 4,000 jobs this is projected to create!

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Windy Plains!


Wind is so prevalent on Colorado’s Eastern Plains that North Carolina-based Duke Energy Corp. is going to build a wind farm there to supply electricity for the state’s second-largest power supplier.

This is great news about creating jobs with renewable energy!

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