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HP Printer Cartridge Recycling

Today, while I was slaving over a hot copy machine, the copier demanded a new ink cartridge.  When I reached in to pull the new cartridge from the drawer, I felt guilty at the sight of the other spent cartridges that were waiting there for me to recycle them.  I followed the link given in the cartidge installation instructions and was very impressed with what I found.

HP provides free recycling for ink jet and laser jet cartidges, as well as some hardware items.  HP surprised me by also offering free recycing of rechargable batteries and large format banners and media. 

To recycle my spent ink cartidges, I had a choice whether to drop them off at any area Staples location or print a postage-paid UPS label to ship them back at HP’s expense.  I originally thought I would ship them – an easy task when you print their postage-paid label – but when I followed the Staples link, I discovered that I could receive $3  for each cartridge I recycled as a Staples Rewards member.  Definitely a win-win proposition!  As an added bonus, they will take cartridges from almost any manufacturer, so I don’t have to make separate arrangements for my lonely Canon cartridge.

For comparison, I visited the Canon ink cartidge recycling page as well.  Canon does not offer an advertised partnership with any retail outlets and requires you to register with your email address and a password before printing a cartridge return label.  One important point the Canon site does make is:

If possible, please return more than one cartridge per shipping label (two or more) to help conserve resources, and reduce energy use and shipping costs. This can be done by retaining several cartridges with boxes, then [shipping all cartidges in one box].


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BK baloney

One Burger King franchisee in Tennessee is proclaiming his disbelief of global warming in a colorful way that is also putting Burger King Corporate in a hot spotlight.  Read more here.

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Green Beer Any Day Of The Year

From the Sierra Club: Tap that Keg

The next time you’re craving a brew, ask what’s on tap. Beer from a keg has a lighter impact than beer in bottles or cans. When choosing a brand, look for local and organic varieties. Sierra Nevada and New Belgium breweries have good reputations for sustainable practices. Check out Sierra magazine’s beer taste test to read about their top picks for tasty, ecofriendly ales.

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From A Mom’s Perspective

Mountain Mama posted about the fun activities she is taking her kids to enjoy at National Go Outdoors Day in Denver.  I hope you can join her!

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Win Forest Service Prizes at Denver Get Outdoors Day Celebration

Bring your kids to see Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl – and while you’re there, you can win these prizes: ski passes, camping, skiing and fishing equipment, hiking gear and more.  For active Colorado adults and families, there is no good reason to miss the Get Outdoors Day celebration in City Park on Saturday, June 13.

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National Get Outdoors Day

June 13, 2009 – GO DAY

National Get Outdoors Day is a new annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun. Participating partners will offer opportunities for American families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities. Prime goals of the day are reaching first-time visitors to public lands and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors.

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Girl Scouts Donate Energy Efficient Lighting

Girl Scouts in Oregon donated $250 from their hard-earned cookie money to the Southern Oregon Historical Society to buy energy-efficient LED light bulbs.  In a time when cultural budgets are being cut, this is a gift that will keep giving as it reduces the energy costs for the historical society.  LED lightbulbs are a great choice by the Girl Scouts because, while the inital costs are higher than CFLs, they use much less energy (3 – 13 watts) and are reported to last tens of thousands of hours.  When these Girl Scouts graduate from high school, their light bulbs may still be going strong!

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